• Sunday, January 7, 2007

    Jonathan Adler, Happy Top Design Judge

    Jonathan Adler is a very happy man! This Top Design judge describes his design aesthetic in a few telling words: Be bold, inappropriate, exuberant, personal, and idiosyncratic! Now, how'd he get a hold of MY design philosophy? And how'd he get a hold of my little pooch? Swear to gawd our two dogs came from the same litter.

    Jonathan's phrases are even more spot on. "Decorate for yourself," "There is an "utter pointlessness to good taste without fun," and, "My chic comes from the fact that I’m a serious designer and use the best materials."

    If you're eager to hear more about Jonathan's design philosophy before Bravo's show begins, you can listen to a two part, 40-minute interview taped in 2005 on the Apartment Therapy website.

    "This interview takes place on the eve of the publication of his new book, My Presciption for Anti-Depressive Living, and the dawn of JA going global." It is also extremely entertaining and informative.

    To listen, click on the arrow at the far left of tape A or tape B.

    Samples of Jonathan's happy designs,
    such as this funky Beach Fish-Shaped Platter, can be found on the Stylehive blog and the Next Site Website .

    Ah, dahlings. I am absolutely going to purchase this amazingly affordable and adorable platter. Two little fishies sucking face? Just thinking about them makes me smile!

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    jonathan adler is so 1999.

    February 7, 2007 at 4:59 PM  

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