• Wednesday, February 28, 2007

    Felicia Bushman Drop By To Chat.

    Us: For us poor peasants that can't afford the big name designs, where would you recommend that we shop at?

    FB: I am impressed by the amount of products coming out of many retailers like crate & barrel or even target. The quality obviously suffers because you really do get what you pay for but until the time comes that you can afford a designer or at least designer items, these retailers have a lot to offer.

    Us: Have you ever designed anything that made you say, "What was I thinking?"

    FB: No. I even liked the afghan that the judges hated so much. That’s not to say I haven’t made mistakes, we all do, but I am the first one to fix them. In the real world I would never leave a project until my client was 100% satisfied!

    Us: What one commonly used object would you like to trash or rip apart when you see it? What would you replace it with?
    FB: Cheap throw pillows, they look like crap and feel like crap! Either find or make better ones or if you can't afford it then go without!

    Us: You enter a newly decorated room and the host and hostess are waiting expectantly for your verdict. You absolutely hate everything about it and in it. What's the fall back phrase you'll use?
    FB: I always look for something, anything even if it’s just one little thing that I can actually admire. I have a hard time lying, people can see right through me. So if it’s the workmanship of the painter or the stain color on the wood, something, then I will use that to expand upon. Bottom line is that if they love it then that is beautiful.

    Us: If you owned stock in this item, would you buy, trade, or sell? Why?

    1. Lava Lamps
    FB: SELL! Ugly!

    2. Marble counter tops
    FB: BUY! Fab! But I would work on a better sealer to protect them!

    3. Media rooms
    FB: BUY! Entertainment will always be a money maker.

    4. Motorized window treatments
    FB: BUY! Especially necessary in our media rooms! Just hit the TV remote and close the shades, I love it!

    5. Doggie doors
    FB: SELL! Just not a product that I care about, I need to love the look, the design, I care too much about beauty and details.

    Us: If you couldn't be a designer, what would you be doing?
    FB: Definitely fashion design. I love working with fabrics, texture, pattern and color and I LOVE clothes!

    Us: What is your favorite
    FB: Moulin Rouge


    FB:A cookbook

    Vacation Spot:

    Guilty Pleasure:
    FB:long hot bath on a busy day

    TV Show:

    Us:Who do you admire/respect?
    FB: So many people in my field! I really like the designs I see by Joe Naham, I am always inspired by his work and he is a dear person as well!

    Us: What trend do you hope never comes back?

    FB:Over developing, the whole “McMansion” era. It was quantity over quality and it just makes me cringe. I would rather have less and have it be great quality than have more cheap crap!

    Us:Anything you would like to say to the readers?
    FB: I cannot believe the amount of support I have received from people across the nation that I don’t even know. People have been so kind to take the time to tell me that they thought my work, my style, etc really shined on the show and that I shouldn’t have been eliminated. I can’t tell you how moved I am by this, truly touched and I thank all of you for reaching out. Please continue to visit my website feliciabushman.com as I will continue to add completed projects and hopefully soon a line of furnishings and accessories too! I really just want to say THANK YOU!

    Us: Thanks for playing along and we wish you lots of luck.

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    Blogger Ms. Place said...

    Felicia, dahling, you were let go too soon. I just loved this interview, which supported my opinion that you have so much more to show us. I can't wait to see what will happen in your design future.

    Ah, no pet door? I hate to say it, but I agree. I walk my pooch, rain or shine, rather than descrate my beautiful doors.

    Good luck, and thank you for answering our questions. They were well thought out and valuable.

    February 28, 2007 at 4:36 PM  
    Anonymous TheHoInMO said...

    Great interview!
    Afghan or not, I would love for Felicia to design a room for me. She has shown both class & style in her designs and Lord knows I need both! Good Luck in all that you do Felicia!!!


    February 28, 2007 at 7:53 PM  

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