• Thursday, February 8, 2007

    Is there any Emmy for the Most Boring Hour on TV?

    by Damselfly

    Do I have to watch this all season? It's 10 o'clock at night people...I'm yawning here. How is a show about design only 25 minutes of design and 35 minutes of judging?...and I'm being kind in not subtracting the time for commercials. I think we should redub this thing TOP JUDGE.

    What's up BRAVO? Is interior design really that boring? Or do you just think your contestants are and you're hoping your judges are going to save the show? They aren't. Could you have put together a more highbrow group of people to judge the whimsy of childrens' rooms? The kids were there...right?...they had ideas about what the designers had done for them....could we have seen more of that? It's like the judges were too busy and important to take the time to walk through each space with the kid it was designed for...so we'll just have Todd do it and show snip-its. And if that wasn't bad enough it's like you put the speed that Jonathan Adler can speak in his contract.
    Could....he.....drag.....things....out.....any....longer....? Does anyone else feel as if watching this show is like trying to stay awake through a 3rd grader's book report....
    Episode 2 of Top Designer
    by Little Susie Sunshine

    The designers woke up and went to the art room. Todd was there. He told them everyone had to design bedrooms. They made their designs. They went shopping and many didn't have enough money. Then they went back to the art room. Todd came back with the people they had to make bedrooms for. They were 10. Everyone had to change their designs. They went to the empty rooms and started work. Some people painted. Some people used hammers. Some people were happy and some people were scared. Todd came and talked with everyone alone. Then he left. Then he came back and told them to stop and go to the white room. They all went to the white room. The judges were there and they were all smiling. They all went to the rooms the designers made. When the lights turned on everyone was standing by their room. The judges went to everyone's room and wrote things down. Then everyone went back to the big white room. The judges sat and the designers stood. The judges asked everyone questions and everyone answered. Then the designers left and the judges talked. Then the designers came back. Some of them got to stay. Erik won and John lost. John went home.

    Everyone still with me...no...well neither is my husband who is currently asleep in a chair in our living room where he was sitting when we turned the show on...you get my point.

    And while we're on the subject of boring...what I'm really interested in knowing now before I commit to watching this whole season is if every week we are going to be stuck in the habitrail known as the Pacific Design Center with limited trips to Target...and next week what appears to be Pier1.

    It's like a designer's version of 'Groundhog's Day'...oddly appropriate...where every day they get up and go to the space that they left last night painted and decorated...but now it's....eeek!....white again! Nightmarishly boring and oddly monotonous for the fact that it's a new design every week. It reminds me of having a doll house as a young girl and resetting up the rooms every time you want to play with it...new arrangement; same space. While imagination helped the process as a child...it's not doing much to help the show along for this adult viewer.

    BRAVO producer: Note to self regarding future projects: Maybe the TOP RUNWAY formula doesn't work for every occupation....scratch TOP Taxidermist!



    Anonymous Athena said...

    I completely agree. I kept meaning to write a comment about the show, but then I thought..."What would I actually say?" The white room is really appropriate because it would appear that all the judges have been drugged up...including Todd. Thus the ver-y sl-ooo-ww and a-nun-ci-at-ed speaking habits of them all. "We come from the planet interior design, we will make you drink the pale white fruity punch and you will talk like us, think like us and ultimately be very boring like us."

    February 9, 2007 at 11:09 AM  
    Blogger eric3000 said...

    The book report was hilarious!

    February 10, 2007 at 9:06 AM  

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