• Wednesday, March 14, 2007


    Dahling, booh, hoo, hoo! I cannot get over the shock. You are so classy, taking full credit for the losing design. You are so talented, but the room did suck overall. Sorry to see you latered, as I love you every which way and then some. This show was splendid. Yes, it was. So why did you not shine? (See below)

    Oh, you beautiful, marvelous man ... not only are you gone, but so is Jared.

    Booh, hoo, hooooooo! Drat, gosh, golly, darn, "F--K!!!!" Not only did we lose our Eye Candy, but we shall miss one of the most talented designers of the bunch.

    Love you, dahling. We all wish you much success in your future. And, oh, you looked stunning sitting besides Tim Gunn during the live chat. Hope meeting him made up for your loss.