• Friday, February 9, 2007

    Diva Of The Week Winner

    I had a hard time picking out our Diva of the Week.
    A diva needs to provide drama and this episode had NONE.
    Michael did get one eye roll in as the judges were trashing his design,
    but I wanted, I needed, I craved more!
    I had my own personal drama over Kelly's gloves though.
    What was she thinking?

    OK, I've rambled along enough....
    The Diva of the Week award goes to...

    Bravo you are a big tease, letting us think that this episode was going to be full of drama. I can just imagine the producers sitting at home watching the show, rolling their eyes (after taking lessons from Michael) and giggling like a bunch of school girls because they know that they suckered us good.

    Get your act together Bravo before our readers on this blog start getting nasty.


    Presented by: TheHoInMo

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