• Thursday, April 5, 2007

    I Can Do That

    Matt can try to sell this design, but I’m not buying it. Maybe I have an aversion to khaki, but I just don’t see how this is the winning design. Not that I liked any of them really. I guess I was not following how this design was inspired by the cover of that magazine or how the seating arrangement worked to the benefit of a social setting like a living room. And it didn’t help that Matt kept complaining about having only $7,500 to decorate this room. If you can’t reel yourself in a bit to accommodate the requirements placed on you, how good are you at your job? Besides, it really alienated me as a viewer who decorated my living room for less than $3,000 that this was “impossible” to do well. He had been my choice for Top Design-er but now I think he’s a snooty “so-and-so” who needs to get knocked off his pedestal. So, in protest I’m only doing the parts of the room that I feel like doing...I quote myself when I say “If you want a beige rug...get a beige rug.”The chaise that he so oddly placed in the center of the seating area after ripping it to shreds and haphazardly reupholstering it was a beautiful piece with elegant lines. I found this one at QVC, believe it or not. While it is defiantly more elaborate it has a similar feel...and it’s already ivory.
    The armless wingbacks are not easy to find since traditionally their purpose is to support the "sitter" and surround them with warmth which old homes didn't have. These leather chairs, from Wards have two advantages, they are a darker tone therefore removing some “blah” from the room and they’re two for the price of one...beat that, Mr. Money.
    I return to my cheap roots for the accent chairs that sat by the...wait for it...yellowy-beige curtains. Target had these fabric ones that had the right touch of orange-beige that the room needed.

    From what I could see the chest of drawers that sat lonely against the side wall had an inlaid top. This one from One Way Furniture was the only one I could find that had that style. It’s a little more gaudy with the inlay on the front too, but this room doesn’t have to worry about becoming Carisa’s room so I think it can handle the extra “oomph”.

    The floor lamp is from Target, not much to say about that except I really liked how he stylishly pushed the cords under the bench the way he did. Sure Margaret, that would photograph well...(sense the sarcasim). The table lamp was interesting. I found this one at Lamps Plus. While architecturally eye catching, its defiantly more form than function.

    I went to Art.com and picked myself out these three pieces. Cheap, simple...Matt, are you paying attention.

    And last but not least, the eggs. At least they looked like eggs to me....little metallic, shiny eggs. Needless to say they weren’t easy to find. So, since I am a some what creative person, I changed direction to these. Found at Guild these little silver bud vases would provide an interesting focus for the otherwise pointless, aforementioned table lamp.

    On a final note, where I might have blamed the judges in the past for odd decisions I really have to say they didn’t have much to choose from...kahki, khaki, or Carisa’s colorful combination of crazy clustered crap. Hmmm....tough choice....


    Blogger Ms. Place said...

    Love the silver bud vases and marvel that you can find those objects so quickly and surely!

    April 6, 2007 at 5:19 AM  

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