• Thursday, April 19, 2007

    Designer's Wedding Bells

    Congratulations to Carisa and Sebastian!!

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    Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    Top Design Loft Floor Plan Challenge!

    The talented Linda Merrill of ::Surroundings:: has created a basic floor plan of the loft spaces used in the final challenge on Top Design and is hosting a challenge. Can you figure out a way to use the space better? I know I'll be submitting an entry! I love floor plans! Fun!

    Check out Linda's post here!

    Update: Linda has updated the basic floor plan and has already gotten a few entries. Get those entries in! There will be a prize!


    Sunday, April 15, 2007

    Diva of the Week

    The final Diva of the Week award goes to......
    If Top Design had been their first attempt at a reality show, I could understand the amateurish drivel that they cranked out each week. The designers were not allowed to show the full scope of their talents with the stupid challenges that Bravo kept throwing at them. And couldn't they have let the designers design actual rooms and not those claustrophobic cubicles that they were stuck in so often? The judges never took into account the time restraints, miniscule budgets, ect, ect, ect....I would have loved to have seen Jonathan, Kelly, Margaret or any of the guest judges in the same situations. I bet they would have made Carisa look like Mother Teresa.
    Let's hope that they get it right next season!

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    Final Taste Patrol

    Note: Our wonderful Ms. Place is jetting around the globe and asked that we fill in for her this week. Miss you Ms. Place.

    Three Hula Men Bobble Award

    The Three Hula Men Bobble Award goes to Ed and Carl and their hard working teams. This would not have been much of a season without all the talent these individuals brought to each designer.

    Week after week, they were the backbone of each of the finished rooms.

    They faced demanding challenges,

    time lines,
    supply issues and diva designers.

    They lost their cool at times and almost a thumb...

    but hung in there for each episode. They gave their all long before they learned they might also win $10,000. They did it for the designers, not the money.

    Two Hula Men Bobble Award

    The Two Hula Men Bobble Award goes to both Matt and Carisa for the designs of each loft.

    You both put heart and soul into those lofts ...

    but did not sit on your ass and watch the crew do all the work.

    You noted their talent and gave credit where credit was due.

    Then gave up the diva role, and let them do what they needed to do.

    Kudos to both of you for a job well done.

    The Trash it Award

    The Trash It Award goes to Bravo. What a load of shovable crapola you put this crew through. Watching them work this hard was almost as painful as watching Ed cut his thumb.

    First, no freight elevator for moving the tons of materials, appliances and furniture up to the 3rd and 6th floors. Bravo we have 1 word for you, used 3 times. Learn it, remember it, don't let it happen again. LOCATION. LOCATION. LOCATION.

    You hand out a wad of money for each of the designers to use, assure them their lofts will be painted and the floors done... BEFORE construction begins. Then you cut corners in doing the floors. WTF!?!?!

    More than once, you made our beloved Carl hold his head.

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