• Friday, March 2, 2007

    Diva Of The Week.

    After receiving the following comment on my myspace page,
    I had no choice but to award this weeks
    Diva of the Week award to....

    "I woke up this morning wanting to check my favorite blog
    and nothing. No making fun of how gay gay gay I am.
    No diva award. Nothing!! Make something up!!!
    Tell everyone I had sex change and am now in
    Branson playing Eliza Doolittle in the roller skating
    disco version of My Fair Lady.

    OK, OK, don't get your panties in a wad girlie!

    I was going to award the coveted diva cup to myself this week
    because I threw a tantrum when I wasn't able to
    watch a new episode On Wednesday night.
    Bravo can be so cruel.

    But I think that the lovely Michael deserves it more.
    Here's a picture of Michael after his sex change operation.

    Damn dude, you're hot!

    Posted by TheHoInMo


    Poor Kitties

    "Aww, since there was no show last night 'you know who' couldn't be booted off so I guess another kitten had to die. I think this one was trying to download the show off of iTunes when he suddenly dropped dead. "

    Yes Laz, I am afraid you are right. Ryan is still on the show and more kittens have died.

    Some kittens fought back but it was too little, too late.

    Some just became depressed.

    This kitty was mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!

    Bravo, please stop the madness.

    Posted by Brillke

    Thursday, March 1, 2007

    Carpenter Ed Schoen Stop By To Chat

    You asked for it... and we went asking. Carpenter Ed Schoen was sweet enough to stop by and chat with us.

    Us: Tell us a bit about yourself.
    ES: I moved to LA one year ago from St. Louis Missouri. I am here to break into the entertainment business. I have worked on homes for 20 yrs. If you were to strip your home down to nothing. I would be the best single person to have put it back together, that includes all aspects of the home. Carpentry is just one of many things I do well. I respect the goodness Ty Pennington has given to all those familys, but I would love to challenge him in a one on one dual to find out who is the best Jack of all trades. Yes I am calling him out, now that would be good TV. Back home I have 4 brothers Jerry, Ted, Jeff, Scott. One sister Kelly Marie who passed of breast cancer RIP. My mommy Elaine who works very hard. My late dad Gerald RIP. Nephew & niece's Stevie, Heather, Kelsey, Haley, and great niece Kelly. My friends and family are the most important thing on this earth.

    Us: Who cleans up the mess after the designers leave for the night?
    ES: I am not aware of who cleans up all the mess, I am catching up on much needed sleep during that time.

    Us: What designer has been your favorite to work with and why?
    ES:So far Erik is my favorite Designer to work with, he jumped right into it and knew exactly what he wanted. I worked with him on episode 2.

    Us: What was the strangest thing you were asked to make?
    ES: Up to this point the designers have not had me make anything strange.

    Us:How did you get on the show?
    ES: I got on the show through Casting Networks where I talked and meet with Patti Stone a wonderful person. I showed them pictures of my work and told them they would not find another more capable. There is a video interview out there somewhere.

    Us: What other shows have you worked on?
    ES: This is the first and only design show I have worked on so far. I would love to do more.

    Us: What tools do you suggest a single woman absolutely keep in her girlie tool bucket? And why?
    ES: Tools a women should always keep in their girlie tool buckets are an open mind, ambitiousness, and a warm heart.

    Us: Did you get to have any interaction with the judges or Todd?
    ES: We have not interacted with the judges up to this point, and I have seen Todd around he may have said hi or how is it going. I have this one track mind that keeps me focused on my work.

    Us: What do you do for fun?
    ES: For fun I do a live improv show at the LA Connection.com every saturday at 10:30pm I also enjoy meeting people of all types, that is always fun.

    Us: How did you get into carpentry?
    ES: I got into carpentry when I finally become tired of sleeping on the living room floor with my younger brother Scott. So with the money I earned from my paper delivery job I bought the lumber and build a room in the basement. Which is still intact today after 22yrs. Yes I was stupid at pretty much everything else but math. You have to know your strenght and weaknesses. I learned that at an early age.

    Us: What are your favorite
    ES: My favorite movie is Sixth Sense one of the first times I have been surprised.

    TV Show
    ES: Medium is a great show because I want to believe that we have more abilities. Oh and also Patricia Arquette is such a real character, she is an awesome actress.

    ES:The book that has probly single handedly help me on a personal level is How To Win Friends and Influence People.

    Us: You live in LA now, which is better, White Castle or In and Out?
    ES: In & out burgers have nothing on White Castles!

    Us: Anything you would like to say to the readers?
    ES: I want the readers to beware of all the contractors out there. Find one you know and trust. If you have questions on your home visit my website HomehelperEd.com and feel free to email me your questions. Have a wonderful new year.

    Thanks for playing along Ed. Feel free to drop by the blog anytime.

    Remember Ed was Ryan's carpenter in episode 4. We look forward to watching Ed in episodes to come.

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    Wednesday, February 28, 2007

    Felicia Bushman Drop By To Chat.

    Us: For us poor peasants that can't afford the big name designs, where would you recommend that we shop at?

    FB: I am impressed by the amount of products coming out of many retailers like crate & barrel or even target. The quality obviously suffers because you really do get what you pay for but until the time comes that you can afford a designer or at least designer items, these retailers have a lot to offer.

    Us: Have you ever designed anything that made you say, "What was I thinking?"

    FB: No. I even liked the afghan that the judges hated so much. That’s not to say I haven’t made mistakes, we all do, but I am the first one to fix them. In the real world I would never leave a project until my client was 100% satisfied!

    Us: What one commonly used object would you like to trash or rip apart when you see it? What would you replace it with?
    FB: Cheap throw pillows, they look like crap and feel like crap! Either find or make better ones or if you can't afford it then go without!

    Us: You enter a newly decorated room and the host and hostess are waiting expectantly for your verdict. You absolutely hate everything about it and in it. What's the fall back phrase you'll use?
    FB: I always look for something, anything even if it’s just one little thing that I can actually admire. I have a hard time lying, people can see right through me. So if it’s the workmanship of the painter or the stain color on the wood, something, then I will use that to expand upon. Bottom line is that if they love it then that is beautiful.

    Us: If you owned stock in this item, would you buy, trade, or sell? Why?

    1. Lava Lamps
    FB: SELL! Ugly!

    2. Marble counter tops
    FB: BUY! Fab! But I would work on a better sealer to protect them!

    3. Media rooms
    FB: BUY! Entertainment will always be a money maker.

    4. Motorized window treatments
    FB: BUY! Especially necessary in our media rooms! Just hit the TV remote and close the shades, I love it!

    5. Doggie doors
    FB: SELL! Just not a product that I care about, I need to love the look, the design, I care too much about beauty and details.

    Us: If you couldn't be a designer, what would you be doing?
    FB: Definitely fashion design. I love working with fabrics, texture, pattern and color and I LOVE clothes!

    Us: What is your favorite
    FB: Moulin Rouge


    FB:A cookbook

    Vacation Spot:

    Guilty Pleasure:
    FB:long hot bath on a busy day

    TV Show:

    Us:Who do you admire/respect?
    FB: So many people in my field! I really like the designs I see by Joe Naham, I am always inspired by his work and he is a dear person as well!

    Us: What trend do you hope never comes back?

    FB:Over developing, the whole “McMansion” era. It was quantity over quality and it just makes me cringe. I would rather have less and have it be great quality than have more cheap crap!

    Us:Anything you would like to say to the readers?
    FB: I cannot believe the amount of support I have received from people across the nation that I don’t even know. People have been so kind to take the time to tell me that they thought my work, my style, etc really shined on the show and that I shouldn’t have been eliminated. I can’t tell you how moved I am by this, truly touched and I thank all of you for reaching out. Please continue to visit my website feliciabushman.com as I will continue to add completed projects and hopefully soon a line of furnishings and accessories too! I really just want to say THANK YOU!

    Us: Thanks for playing along and we wish you lots of luck.

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    Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    Color Picker

    Want to play with a fabulous site about color, dahlings?
    Click here to enter
    then scroll your mousie over the colors, click on one you like and see what happens.
    You can lighten and darken the hue with the control on the right, moving the circle up or down
    or choose another form of colr pickr below the color blossom.
    The possibilities are endless.

    By Ms.Place


    Ah!!! The Carpenters. WE HAVE UPDATES!!!

    We have updates regarding the carpenters. Read below


    What will we do?

    I know, let's meet the carpenters.

    When Todd first said, " here are the carpenters", I thought we were going to meet them all. Is this like Project Runway... with the models? Does a carpenter leave each week? Who are these talented professionals? Hell, they were the prize for this weeks winner. You think we would have met them all.

    But we only met three of them and had to guess the rest.

    We can see a carpenter next to Erik
    but we think the other carpenter may have been Matt's.
    It is the only time we see him during this episode.

    Matt's carpenter is Cary Kirk.

    Ah Sarah.
    Carisa loved you at first, then asked you to build a dumb ass desk.
    Then she dogged you at the end.
    Hang in there Sarah.
    Her full name is Sarah Miller

    And then there is Jared.
    OK everyone, take a deep breath.

    Dude... Goil told you, you were wrong.
    What is with these designers dogging their carpenters.

    Ah... but let's flash back to episode 3.
    Jared full name is Jared Dostie II...hmmm can we meet the first too?

    Goil felt bad about what he said
    and made you this sign of love . He presented it on
    with Andy and Margaret.

    Andy thinks it should be a t- shirt.
    Yo Andy...when can we start ordering?

    Blair, you hung in there with Felicia
    and had nothing to do with the afghan.

    Hope you were not asked to leave.
    Full name Blair Toland

    Ryan had his carpenter. Again no name.
    We now know his name is Ed Schoen. Visit his website
    He also does stand up. View Here
    and also from his myspace... this one is a hoot.
    Thanks Ed for writing to us.

    But wonder if he knew Ryan was checking out his ass?

    Michael had his carpenter. Again no name.
    Michael, what was his name?
    Michael's carpenter is Carl Mueller III

    Andrea had hers and again we did not get a name for him.
    Andrea's Carpenter is Sterling Milan.
    Sterling has also worked on several episodes of Supernanny
    Thanks for writing to us Sterling.

    And who was this from episode 3?
    We have learned this is Brian Morrell.

    And now the 6 million dollar question.

    Who cleans up this mess while the designers go get all pretty for the judges and the white room?

    So many questions!!! We'll see if we can get answers.

    So we have some answers and are thrilled to begin hearing from these talented people. We will continue to learn more about them and share with all of you.

    So now it is your turn to leave comments about the carpenters and to vote for your favorite carpenter for this week.

    Who Is Your Favorite Carpenter?




    Matt's Carpenter

    Michael's Carpenter

    Erik's Carpenter

    Ryan's Carpenter

    Andrea's Carpenter

    Free polls from Pollhost.com

    Posted by CaLady

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    Sunday, February 25, 2007

    Taste Patrol

    Three Hula Men Bobble Award

    This award goes to Andrea and Carisa for surviving thus far. Warning! In a few more weeks the producers are changing the name of this show to Top Male Designer. In view of the judges blatant favoritism towards the men (Yes, you Ryan!), I suggest that you two gals change your attire and start tap dancing next time the judges prepare to name the winner.Two Hula Men Bobble Award

    I took one look at Todd’s sugary muffins and coffee and instantly understood this week’s true plot twist!

    Caffeine provides a jolt to the system and also subtly alters one’s brain chemistry. The cheap carbs that muffins provide instantly spike one’s insulin levels, leaving one at the mercy of sugar cravings all day.

    In an intense competition, the introduction of these legal drugs will separate the weak from the strong, affecting our designtestants’ creativity. It is evident that our petite Felicia could not withstand this double drug assault.

    Had she ingested one good square meal that morning, I’m sure we would have seen a different outcome.

    The Bobble Won't Wobble Award

    Felicia, dear, you didn’t just stumble, you fell headlong into the tasteless trap of the psychedelic 70’s. Former hippies must have descended from their mountain top commune and dragged everything out of their passive solar houses right into that garage sale.

    Like a magnet you glommed onto everything that was awful about that decade: a faux Mies Van Der Rohe oak and leather chair that almost made your client retch, reams of old tie patterns, a glass orange and yellow bulbous lamp thingy, and, gulp, a hand crocheted afghan that screamed manmade fibers using colors not found in nature.
    My eyeballs are still smarting from that eyesore. Here’s a man’s tie from that era. Why would anyone want to look at 50 replicas of these things on their wall?

    I’m sad to see you go, because I saw so many elements in your room that would have worked if you hadn’t been sidetracked by those damned hippies and their tasteless baubles. Your client wanted Happy Chic, not Hippy Chic, and I blame Todd and his diabolical Hi Carb breakfast for your confused state. We can at least thank our lucky stars that this afghan was not for sale at the time your purchased the other.

    Trash It Award

    Oh, Ryan, you jokester! The fun was on us, wasn’t it? Fess up. After I studied your t-shirt for Top Design, I realized that you had revealed your contempt for traditional design concepts early on.

    You were going full tilt for the Women in Prison theme, thinking you were keeping the joke to yourself. But Ms. Place wasn’t born yesterday. When she was an art student, she viewed a number of these art house movies. However, you got one vital element wrong, dahling. Every woman in a prison movie must go through the obligatory shower scene, and you forgot to install the stall.

    At first I thought your room divider was really tasteless, then I realized that you had made an elaborate cat’s cradle.

    Instead of a symmetrical creation, your wood bars looked like a web a spider on too much caffeine had made, such as in this research lab.

    This is your brain on caffeine

    In fact, viewing your room reminded me of poor Frodo entering Shelob’s Lair.

    After being trapped for one day in that environment, your poor client would have been ready to join the women in Caged. You can’t fool another artist, dahling, we know crap when we see and hear it, and yours needs a bulldozer to shovel it out.

    By Ms. Place